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Welcome-to-JAMES-Independent-school-letter 2023

Allegations Policy

Allegations Policy June 2023

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy 2023 – 24

Attendance Strategy and documents

Attendance policy 2023

Attendance and punctuality flow JAMES

Attendance flow JAMES 2

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy 2023

Bullying & Cyber Bullying

Bullying & Cyber Bullying 2023

Compliments and Complaints

Compliments and Complaints 2023

Computer and Online use policy

Computer and Online use – staff and service users 23

Curriculum policy and offer

Curriculum policy and offer 2023


Educational-visits-policy 2023

Equal Ops and Diversity

Equal Ops and Diversity 2023


Exclusion-policy 2023

Health and Safety Documentation

Health and Safety Documentation 2023

Images of service users and phone use policy

images of service users and phone use policy 2023

Privacy Policy/GDPR/Data Protection

Data Protection 2023

Privacy Policy – GDPR 2023

Data Sharing Confidentiality Consent Form 2023

RSE policy

RSE policy 2023

Safeguarding Adults policy

Safeguarding Adults policy oct 2023

Safeguarding policy

Safeguarding policy Oct 2023

SEND policy

SEND Policy june 2023

Bradford continuum of need/ threshold document

continuum of need 23update

DBS policy

CRB DBS policy Aug 2023

Enhanced DBS confirmation

Exclusion Policy

Exclusion-policy 2023

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment 2023


Grievance service users, staff & vol 2023

Risk Assessment policy

Risk assessment pol and document 2023

Trustees and RolesĀ 

JAMES Board and Staff duties 2023 – Copy